Credit System

A new credit system was introduced on this website in March 2012.

Credits can be purchased via the Top Up screen and used to view the details of individual records.

On registration each user can search the site and view 100 pages of search results at no charge.  (See a sample page of search results here the minimum no. of search results per page is 1 and the maximum is 10 per page).

To view the details of any single record from the search results page will cost 25 credits, but may vary depending on the type of record you view.  (See SAMPLES of the various types of records available here.)

Searching this Website

When you purchase credits you can avail of free views of pages of search results equal to the value of the number of credits that you have purchased.

For example, if you purchase 350 credits you can view 350 pages of Search Results. The maximum number of search results returned per page is 10. Please see the table below for the costs of credits. 

When you have used your quota of free views of pages of Search Results based on the credits purchased,  it will cost 1 credit to continue to view a page of search results.

Cost of Credits

You need to narrow down your search results by entering as much search criteria as you know; then you will need to use your credits to purchase a record and view the full details of it.

This will cost 25 credits but may vary depending on the type of record you view.

By bulk buying credits you can significantly save on the price of viewing the details of any single record. Please see the current bulk purchase options below: 

Purchase AmountAmount of CreditNumber of Free searchesCost per Credit
5.0025 credits25 Free Searches0.20
10.0050 credits50 Free Searches0.20
25.00175 credits175 Free Searches0.14
45.00350 credits350 Free Searches0.12
50.00450 credits450 Free Searches0.11

You can buy any amount of credit vouchers. Rather than having to go through the "Top Up" process of re-entering your credit card details every time you want to view the details of any single record, we suggest that you buy enough credit to view 10 records.

Cost of Records

Record TypeNo. Of Credits
Baptism / Birth Record25 credits
Marriage Record25 credits
Death / Burial Record25 credits
Census Record25 credits
Gravestone Record25 credits
Griffith Valuation (Per Page)Free
Passenger Lists25 credits
Census Substitute (Per Page) 10 credits

How to Search on

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to search for your ancestors using the unique database of Irish records on this website. In order to search successfully you can narrow your search by entering as many details as you know.

This example will take you through the process (please click on the link below to view the document.)

Click Here to view more information on how to get the most from the search facility on