Irish Family History Foundation

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Records Available

Baptismal/Birth Records 9,562,590
Marriage Records 4,561,419
Burial/Death Records 1,766,918
Census Records 2,813,306
Gravestone Inscriptions 288,807
Griffith's Valuation 1,140,619
Passenger Lists 227,589
Census Substitutes 525,898

Over 20 Million Irish records


The Irish Family History Foundation has been the coordinating body for a network of county genealogy centres on the island of Ireland for over twenty five years. The genealogy centres’ databases include  parish church records of baptisms, marriages and deaths, census returns and gravestone inscriptions. Millions of these records are searchable online, providing a unique resource for family historians not available on any other website. New records will be added as the computerization of sources continues in the local genealogy centres.


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