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Posted 04.12.12


Old Moulds Broken? The Irish Republic in the 1970s by Dr Diarmaid Ferriter

Friday 7 December at OHAS Bury Quay at 8pm. Supper after the lecture. Tickets €15. Members €12.

The annual Christmas party and lecture will be held at Offaly History Centre on Friday 7 December with Guest Speaker Professor Diarmaid Ferriter, the Professor of History at UCD. Dr Ferriter has numerous publications to his credit and is a regular contributor to television and the newspapers. He is also a wonderful speaker so this is an opportunity that you should not miss. Attendance will be confined to about eighty. If you wish to attend please record your booking by emailing or ringing the centre. The lecture will be followed by a social evening and refreshments costing €12 to members and €15 to non-members.

Dr Ferriter’s subject Old Moulds Broken? The Irish Republic in the 1970s
This lecture will consider the widespread social, cultural, economic and political upheavals of the 1970s, a decade when Ireland joined the EEC; when for the first time a majority of the population lived in urban areas; when economic challenges abounded; which saw too an increasingly visible feminist moment, and institutions including the Church began to be subjected to new criticism. This lecture is based on Diarmaid Ferriter’s new book Ambiguous Republic: Ireland in the 1970s which makes extensive use of previously unpublished documents, recently opened archives, access to the papers of the leading politicians of the era and a variety of contemporary reflections, debates and memoirs, providing a lively, provocative and authoritative account of a fascinating decade in the Irish Republic.

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